A Few of My Favorite Craft Books

I realized that I haven't had too many posts about crafting lately and that's because I've been doing a whole lot of leaf-pressing projects (which I already blogged about here) and Christmas decorations (yes, I am aware it is barely even September which is why I'm saving posts about these projects for another month or two).

Recently I have, however, found some great crafting books from my local library that I think are worth sharing. It's tough when half the books you pull out are extremely dated or a bit more in the vein of conventional, traditional crafts, but I've found a few that fit my style. (I could add some great Christmas books, but I'll hold off on that one too!)

Home Paper Scissors by Patricia Zapata
This is probably my favorite of them all because Patricia's ideas are realistic, beautiful, and most importantly of all, totally home-worthy (I've already completed a few of her projects for decorating my own place). You can visit Patricia's site here for more great paper crafting ideas or to follow her inspiring blog!

Decorating with Papercraft by Clare Youngs
Similar to Zapata's concept, Decorating with Papercraft is all about using paper to spruce up your home. Youngs' book demonstrates how much of an impact pattern can have on personalizing these pieces. Her colorful choices of paper are what make her final products so compelling, proving that with the right color and pattern any of these projects could fit in perfectly at your own home. I especially like her full sets of directions on making a Japanese-bound notebooks and cardstock Chinese carry-out cartons.

The Big-Ass Book of Crafts by Mark Montano
Montano covers everything in this book that totals in at over 300 pages. At home artwork, alternative window treatments, innovative lighting, one of a kind gifts, do it yourself furniture, and even homemade body products are all included. And he covers all range of styles with his projects, from outdoorsy to artsy fartsy to modern, there is bound to be at least a project or two in here to fit anyone's taste.

The Paper Bride by Esther K. Smith
I've been doing a lot of wedding research lately, especially for inspiration concerning invitations and such so I was really drawn to this book (notice a trend with the papercrafting thing?). Esther has plenty of ideas for the actual wedding as well as cherishing those memories made along the way. Her ideas are often fueled by vintage finds and collage techniques, so I find her style completely relatable. But even if that aesthetic isn't quite your cup of tea and even if you don't have a wedding in the works, The Paper Bride is chock-full of great paper projects for any event, party, or holiday that can serve as points of inspiration for a final product more personalized to your own taste.

And, though I didn't include any of her books, I've got to hand it to Martha Stewart - that woman knows how to craft. Her books, magazines, and website are chock-full of great craft ideas that are sure to inspire even the most stumped of crafters, and they are likely to be carried at even the smallest of libraries.

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