Craft Hope

I know I just posted about craft books, but I hadn't come upon Craft Hope by Jade Sims at that point in time, and this one definitely deserves a mention.

All of the crafts featured in Jade Sims' book make for beautiful and useful products that are in need the whole world over. The very premise of Craft Hope is to craft and give - make these crafts in order to donate them to charities and non-profits that can put them to good use. Alongside the instructions for each craft are suggested charities to whom you can donate the particular craft. And Sims doesn't leave anyone out. The charities included in her book cover a vast and varied array of recipients - domestic, international, children, adults, infants, the hungry, those in need of work, animals, and many, many more.

Her crafts, meanwhile, are inventive and fun. From pillowcase dresses for girls to sewn dolls and dog toys, there is sure to be a craft in here suited to whichever cause is most close to your heart. And the ideas are by no means confined to charitable giving. Many of these are lovely and useful ideas for gift giving and for your own family. Nonetheless, the very idea of putting so much work and love into your creation to then donate it to someone else who may be living on the other side of the globe is refreshingly generous. I love that Sims was able to publish a book that advocated such a noble notion, one that I hope spreads and becomes a hallmark of the lives of many crafters.

For more information, visit the Craft Hope blog or purchase this wonderful and unique craft book here.

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