A Week in Words and Photos

Is there anything more comforting than freshly baked bread? I think not! The mere scent cozies up the whole house, while the texture and flavor work some mysterious magic in your mouth to make even the worst of days simply melt away. Fresh-baked multi-seed bread was definitely in order this week!

I also finally got around to attempting to make some Red Velvet Donuts. I don't have a donut pan so I made my version of munchkins/donut holes using a muffin tin. And then I fried a batch of them as well. They weren't as sweet as I had hoped (I'm planning on making a few adaptations and sharing my recipe once I've perfected it!) but the baked batch sure looks delicious (and my frying skills could use a little work)!

A new favorite sandwich of mine (especially for Wednesdays when I run from work to class and don't get lunch or dinner at home): hummus, thinly sliced apple, and fresh baby spinach. Nothing more, nothing less. The crunch of the apple and spinach with the creamy hummus makes for a tasty on-the-go snack.

 My dad recently traveled abroad for work and, upon his return home, he shared a few delicious goodies with me (none of which I could possibly wait to photograph - the chocolate was just too good!). But he did bring back some literature from London's Borough Market. This pamphlet is sort of like a seasonal newsletter with photos, articles, and recipes, all centered around the market, its vendors, and its loyal customers. I loved flipping through the vibrant photographs, particularly those of the cheese stalls, and dreaming of frequenting such an enchanting market myself someday! I wanted to share it in some way so I took a few measly shots of the book - I know these pictures don't do much justice to the beautiful market or the carefully crafted book, but the foodie in me just couldn't refrain from sharing this!

I also discovered this awesome program called Swap 4 Schools via Sarah Reads Too Much. Basically Swap.com allows you to post books, CDs, DVDs, and video games that you have and want to get rid of as well as those you've been searching for and have yet to get your hands on. Then a swap ensues - you send off your old items (using postage and address labels that you can print right from home!) in exchange for some of those on your wish list that other people are willing to part with. And the best part - now schools and librarians are joining in! Schools can list books they'd like for their classrooms and you can donate your pre-owned books straight to them. Please check this site out!


  1. the apple/hummus/spinach creation sounds so good, i would have never thought to put those together but YUM!

  2. Mmm, bread looks amazing . . . sandwich makes me hungry . . . and that swap is awesome. We have something similar in my town via facebook. A way to swap free goods.

  3. What a great swap idea! I will be checking that out for sure.
    I love the sandwich idea. I am always looking for quick easy on the go meals.

  4. you just inspired me to try that sandwich !! it was acutally suprisling really good hahaha!!!! xx


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