Florence and the Machine

If you're from the UK, you've probably heard of Florence and the Machine. If you're a fan of college radio or independent media sources, you may have also been fortunate enough to hear some of this group's infectious alternative rock-soul-pop stylings. But if you are entirely new to Florence, I highly suggest playing at least one of the videos posted below - you'll be in for a real musical treat!

Lately I haven't been inspired by too much musically, but whenever I heard it on the radio, I couldn't help dancing to Florence's "Dog Days Are Over." As I am wont to do, I heard the single on the radio and requested the full CD from my local library. Usually I'm underwhelmed by the time I've listened to the full album, but Florence and the Machine's debut CD entitled "Lungs" totally crept up on me and tangled me in its web of beautiful noise. Their music is up-tempo and danceable without being frivolously pop-driven. Florence has got one of the most powerful voices I've heard in some time and each and every one of the 13 songs on "Lungs" highlight her full vocal range (I guess Lungs was an apt title, huh?).

I'm not really sure with whom I would compare this band to better describe their sound. On the one hand, Florence's vocal style is comparable to Regina Spektor, but the group's music is a bit edgier and harder than that of the latter artist. There's also an element of soul that calls to Grace Potter & the Nocturnals, though the bands have two distinctly different sounds.

I worry that this post has done little to adequately explain my current obsession with Florence and the Machine, or to encourage others to listen to this up-and-coming band's debut album. So I'll just let the music speak for itself and hope it has the same affect on my readers as it did on me: an undeniable urge to dance, a complete lack of desire to skip a single song, and a compulsion to listen to the album on repeat to better learn all the lyrics and sing along.

P.S. It was really hard to choose just three songs to post. I highly suggest you visit Florence's YouTube page to hear them all!


  1. i love...LOVE this band!! florence is amazing and i'm obsessed with her voice...and her hair! i've been listening to this album shamelessly on repeat and can't stop...i have to say for some reason i just love "kiss with a fist" it's just so raw and awesome...her voice in dog days always gives me chills.


  2. Love this band SO, SO much. I'm so happy you featured them!!

  3. glee covered dog days are over a while ago, which I think raised people's awareness of florence and the machine for sure. also relevant, I heard the same song in joann fabrics yesterday and again in the studio today!

  4. my husband sings dog days allllllll day long! its cute =) I'm kinda proud of him =)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons


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