Art for Social Justice: Ricardo Levine Morales

Ricardo Levine Morales' artwork is a fusion of creativity and activism. From his experience in both the social justice movement and the artistic community, he has created a body of work that speaks to issues of fundamental significance. Topics included range from labor issues to global warming, from independent alternative media to world peace.

Most of Ricardo's work is fairly literal, with his intended message literally spelled out across the canvas for you. Nonetheless, his use of words and imagery in combination is extremely compelling. Morales' work is a prime example of how art can be aesthetically pleasing and still make an explicit statement.

Here's a sample of some of my favorite pieces. To see more of his work, visit Ricardo's site here.


  1. Beautiful. I love the block print style he uses too!

    Also, I just plain old love your blog. ;)

  2. I love Ricardo Morales too!!! I have one of his suns below my email signature, to remind myself to do good work. (I think the link below will show it)


  3. you know I love all of this! I'm tumbling some of these for sure!

  4. Thanks for all the lovely and kind comments!

    PS - Bilqis, I'm pretty sure you were the one who told me about his work in the first place.. and I love the piece you linked to! Thanks!


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