A Week in Food, Photos, and Words

The perfect way to start off any weekend morning - sunshine and a cup of tea.

Cheese, cheese, and more cheese. A delectable dairy lunch courtesy of my father's extensive cheese selection!

A glass of wine and a good book (The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball) makes for a perfect quiet Saturday night at home. 

I finally got around to making my own crackers. These Olive Oil Crackers (recipe courtesy of 101 Cookbooks) were impossibly easy to make - and they're healthy too! The only ingredients I used were 100% whole wheat flour (the recipe calls for semolina flour of which I had none), water, salt, and olive oil. Nothing more, nothing less (although I did add some dried rosemary and thyme to a few batches for some extra special flavor). 

Mike and I finally made it to Dangerously Delicious, Baltimore's very own beloved pie shop. We had already committed to sourcing our wedding pies (in lieu of a wedding cake) from Dangerously Delicious, banking on the smashing reviews we'd heard from all around. We headed down to the city on Saturday to taste for ourselves. We shared a slice of the Baltimore Bomb, a pie filled with chopped up Berger cookies, a local specialty shortbread cookie loaded with chocolate ganache icing. It was unlike any other pie I'd had before - the filling's texture was a cross between a custard and a bread pudding, punctuated by chocolate bits all throughout.

Because we have zero will-power and were craving sweets again on Sunday, Mike offered to make the drive into the city for some more pie. This time we scored a BBQ Pulled Pork Pie (absolutely delicious! there was a hint of pickle relish in there that made the whole thing to-die-for) and a Mixed Berry Pie. Anyone in the Baltimore area (or in DC - they now have a Washington location too!) who has yet to visit Dangerously Delicious needs to head over there asap for some seriously good eating!

I did a lot more shopping this week than I'm normally prone to. But, last weekend, Mike and I went to a nearby thrift store and I found a beautiful secondhand couch in perfect condition for a mere $250. It was cozy, comfy, and the perfect replacement for our unbearable old futon that finally had to go. I went back Monday morning, just two days after I first came upon my dream sofa, with every intention of making the purchase and the sofa was nowhere to be seen. Much as I hate to admit it, I was absolutely crushed. 

And from that little experience I learned that sometimes I need to be impulsive and not allow myself the time required for thinking things over when my gut says go. So I did just that. I rushed to Craigslist, found a great looking sofa on the first ad I viewed, and made the call. It was pretty serendipitous that the first listing I came across offered us not only the most ideal and beautiful but also the most affordable couch listed! And by the end of Monday night Mike and I were thoroughly exhausted but extremely pleased to have a new couch in our living room at less than $250! (It came with a cavernous armchair, which I gave to my sister, for a total price of $250 so I value the sofa at around $200). It's the perfect addition to our now friendly and inviting living room!

I also bought a vermicomposter! It really isn't a very pretty sight and it's stuck in our ugly basement so I won't bore you with photos. But the worms are on their way and I hope to be composting by the end of the week!

I also finally made it out to DeBois Textiles, a great vintage/thrift store in the Baltimore area. My stylish friend Sarah accompanied me on Saturday morning and we each scored some great finds. The vintage stuff was a bit pricey for my low budget, but the thrift shop was awesome. Not a single item in there was priced about $5.00 and some of the merchandise included leather jackets, winter coats, and fancy-shmancy sweaters, blouses, and the like. For Baltimoreans looking for a great shopping hot spot, I highly recommend running by DeBois. You're bound to leave with at least a few prize finds.  


  1. Yum :) Looks like you had a terrific weekend.!

  2. Love the colorful pillows on the couch!! We recently purchased an inexpensive and neutral sofa too, but it feels like something is missing!

    And that cheese, oh and that pie - oh my! Delicious. ;)

  3. yay to all of this! thanks for talking me into getting the dress... I am really enjoying just having it in my closet, ha.

  4. That is a really nice couch! You got lucky! :) I can't blieve you made your own crackers. Woo. That's awesome :)

  5. gorgeous gorgeous photos! and that couch makes me long for the day i can have a lovely looking place like yours! :)


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