Martha's Valentine's Day Crafts

As some of my readers may already know, I'm a pretty big fan of Martha Stewart. The woman has made an empire out of crafting, decorating, cooking, and baking and she represents the epitome of quality and style in all of these pursuits.

My nearly fool-proof method of coming across new and seasonal decor ideas is to check out her website. Though I don't usually go all out for Valentine's Day, she does have a few simple and tasteful projects that are quick and easy ways to make your home feel a bit more lovely around the 14th. Here are a few of my favorites.

Melt crayons in between wax paper, then cut out heart shapes

Gather some pink and red napkins for this Handmade Heart Doilies project.

Combine candy and flowers - two staples of this holiday - in one 
simple Candy and Tulip Bouquet. The best part, you can eat still eat the candy 
once the 14th has passed!

These Lacy Votive Holders are a bit more involved, but totally worth the 
effort. And they can be used as decorations the whole year through!

If you love to make Valentine's, I also recommend making a bunch to display like you would Christmas cards. There are so many unique ways to display cards - strung across doorways, tucked around a wreath form, hanging from railings, or simply standing on shelves - and if your Valentine's truly are a work of art, there's no need to hide them!


  1. great projects! martha is the best. love the candy and tulips!

  2. These are good ideas...and the first 2 look fairly simple.

    I fell in love with the photo of Maggie in the post before this (or maybe it was the one before that)...anyway, I LoVe her! AND I can't wait for you to post the recipe for the hot chocolate with peanut butter whipped cream! YuM!

  3. hm I like the crayon idea... I'm assuming you could make other shapes as well. and I have crayons AND wax paper!

  4. I love those crayon hearts! I think I might have to make them and hang them in my window...

  5. i actually just made those crayon hearts - i''ll probably be posting about it tomorrow - how funny?!?!

  6. Don't you just love Martha? One of my teachers in culinary school actually knows her and calls her "Martha the Magnificent," which I think is great. Just found your blog and am adding it to my sidebar!


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