It's a Blogiversary!

One year ago today, I started this little blog with a mere three readers. Though I couldn't quite say what my original vision was when I started Radiator Tunes, I know that my intentions have changed since then, shaped by changes in my life, the influence of my readers, and the inspiration I've found in other blogs. One thing is for sure though - I never would have become a blogger if not for my dear friend Sarah from Teacup Adventure. This celebratory post would not be complete without sending a little thanks her way!

Since July 28th, 2010, quite a few things have changed in my life. First of all, I'm officially a married woman! My husband and I traveled all over New England, then came home the proud parents of both a kitten and a puppy. I've made my way through quite a few books in the past year (being under-employed gave me plenty of extra reading time!) and tried out a whole host of new dishes - homemade fruit pie with a whole wheat crust and hot cocoa with peanut butter whipped cream being my two favorites! I've drafted rants and raves on things from dog-earrers to iPhones, from homelessness to emotional eating.

I'd like to imagine that, in the past year, I've grown as a writer and a person. This blog is an outlet of sorts, allowing me to meditate on certain thoughts and work others out, to gain confidence in my voice and opinions, while also connecting in a dialogue with others on topics that might never be otherwise touched upon. I've expanded the variety of topics on which I write, as well as the various styles which I employ to communicate my thoughts. I've challenged myself to give great consideration to what I write as I'm sharing it with virtually anyone who can access the internet. And I think this has all helped to shape me into a more considerate, thoughtful, talented, and hopefully interesting person.

So thank you to everyone who reads or has read this blog, whether on a regular or sporadic basis. Though I enjoy the thought of others out there reading my words, writing this blog is also a highly selfish endeavor that I do for me as much as anyone else. So thanks for sticking with me and indulging me, but also for encouraging and supporting me. I love to write and, even if this isn't a craft out of which I forge a career, blogging allows me to pursue this passion in a way that I still find meaningful and challenging. I hope that this is the first of many blogiversaries for Radiator Tunes... thanks again for visiting and helping to keep me going!


  1. Congratulations! I'm really glad you started this blog. Your an inspiration to me :)

  2. Happy Blogavirsary! I've been blogging for about a year too and found your blog searching for PB whipped cream this morning.

  3. so glad you started your wonderful blog and have kept it going so well! I'm happy to have been any part of that. look forward to seeing you soon!


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