A Week in Food, Mostly

Though I have plenty of great highlights to share from this past week, as usual, it seems that the vast majority of the photos I have to show for these seven days pertain to the food I ate. 

Mike and I hosted a game night on Wednesday for some friends and had a wonderful time snacking, laughing, and playing the Leonard Maltin game.

Perfect party fare. Trader Joe's Corn and Chile Salsa, fresh homemade guacamole, and colorful fruit salad!

To keep Louie occupied while we had guests, Mike bought her a large bone. So large, in fact, that it is the same length as  Louie's torso. With any luck, it will take her more than a week to finish this one! 

Crazy good spugnole pasta. I never would have splurged for these guys if I didn't have a Williams Sonoma gift card but they were oh-so delicious and fun too! 

Spugnole pasta, tomatoes, summer squash, and arugula.

Fellow blogger friend Sarah and I had a great time at local independent radio station WTMD's First Thursday concert in Mt. Vernon Park. We got to see Justin Jones and the Driving Rain and Sarah Lee & Johnny (Sarah Lee Guthrie that is!) before a crazy wild thunderstorm set in! With a blanket, some good friends, and good food, these concerts are the perfect way to spend a summertime evening, rain or shine!

A crowded shot of Mt. Vernon park. There is a stage up there, but we didn't see much of it from where we were sitting.

Spent plenty of my time hanging out with this guy! Mike and I feel like we've neglected our kitten Digby a bit since getting the new puppy so I made sure to get plenty of quality time in with him this weekend!


  1. aww, how is Digby getting along w/the new pup? Great photo of him..Never tried the corn relish from TJ's,I do have the recipe to Chipolte's Corn relish.. so if you are interested let me know.

  2. Digby and the dog (Louie) are learning to tolerate each other. Luckily we have a two-story house and have been able to use a baby gate to separate the two. Louie is just overly excited and Digby is overly skittish... One day they'll become friends! And as for the Chipotle corn relish recipe I would love it! Feel free to post it in another comment or email it to me at laurakeller88@yahoo.com. Thanks so much for offering!

  3. mmm, food! I'm glad you nicely left out the hour in which I was lost and confused on thursday, haha. hope you're having a good or at least manageable time camping with your girls!


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