A Christmas in July Feast!

I love the holidays and have a really bad habit of rushing the season. By mid-summer, it isn't unusual for me to have a considerable amount of my Christmas gifts purchased and/or made for my family and friends. I'm already yearning for shorter days, layers, holiday tunes, and twinkly lights adorning doorways and hedges. It is, quite simply, the most wonderful time of the year and I wish it lasted all year round.

In an effort to spread some cheer a little early and eat excessively, Mike and I have taken to celebrating Christmas in July. Every July 25th, we will (hopefully) maintain this tradition of eating a bit out of season and enjoying a holiday feast without all the fuss and rush of late December (much as I love it, Mike isn't such a big fan of holiday hysteria). I don't go all out decorating the house or anything, but a little holiday meal and maybe some Christmas tunes are just enough to get me through the high heat of summer until the holiday season truly begins.

Yesterday's meal was a simple vegetarian Christmas dinner with all the holiday staples (minus the turkey or ham). Brussels sprouts with grapes, string beans with a creamy mushroom sauce (since I couldn't find fried onions to make green bean casserole), stuffing, and smashed red skin potatoes. We finished things off with two slices of pie from our favorite, Dangerously Delicious. One pecan pie and one French apple were the perfect end to our pseudo-holiday dinner.

Am I the only crazy one or does anyone else celebrate Christmas in July too?


  1. This looks really delicious!! I like the idea of buying Christmas gifts early, especially during July sales. That's simply a better time for getting not so expensive gifts, with less amount of stress and greater variety of goods - than in mid December.

    I'm amazed of how you'r able to get in the holiday mood so early, though. I couldn't have done it without the snow!


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