New Year's Calendar

I have always loved to make calendars, but usually I go for the store-bought kits that eliminate all the work of making the calendar grid and figuring out which dates fall on which days every months. I was inspired to go even more DIY this year when I saw these adorable calendars from Thoughtful Creations. I love the sewn paper look and how these calendars stand all on their own.

Though I originally used these calendars as inspiration, I went a little bigger since I wanted space to write out holidays, birthdays, etc. I also was just a little too lazy to drag the sewing machine out, so all the detailing on my calendar is paper, stamp, and ink. But I did go to the effort of measuring and lining out the calendar grids and determining dates, so I give myself a little pat on the back for that.

Anyway, much as store-bought calendars can sometimes be sources of affordable art, collage materials, and/or humor, I always enjoy making my own and encourage you to give it a try. Whether you do yours totally from scratch or pick up a calendar kit from the local craft store, I find that it's fun to channel a few memories and personal tidbits into your calendar each year. Though I went a bit more simplistic for 2011, my 2010 calendar was ripe with photos and mementos from the year before. Here are a few photos of some of my favorite months from both this past year's and this upcoming year's calendars. Hopefully my calendars or those from Thoughtful Creations will inspire you to make your own! These are also great gifts, especially for the friend who always seems to be forgetting your birthday and could use a friendly reminder!

Here are a few other calendars I've seen around the blogosphere and the Etsy network for use as inspiration. Or if you're so inclined, support independent artists and purchase some of these wonderful works of calendar art! Enjoy!

Patricia Zapata's 2011 calendar can be purchased in PDF form from her blog A Little Hut. She does a lot of innovative paper crafting and cutting so I always love to see what she comes up with next!

Featured on Design Sponge, this is the silkscreened Flora and Fauna of the Pacific Northwest 2011 calendar from Mossiere. I love everything about this design. It makes me want to cave in and buy an inordinate number of 2011 calendars to hang all throughout my house.

I'm crazy about letterpress these days and I love all of Paisley Tree Press' creations, this calendar in particular. Using only 3 different colors of ink for each month, this calendar is very understated but still beautifully designed.

This desktop calendar from Michelle Brusegaard features illustrations entirely of her own design. Small enough to fit in a CD case, it's the perfect size to use in your office or in your own home. I love particularly love the leaves in September and October, and the bold paisley designs in November.

Another desktop calendar, this one from PoshGirlBoutique. I love the bright ornaments on the December calendar and the tree silhouettes for October and November... but maybe that's just because the last three are my favorite months out of the whole entire year.


  1. I love when I can spot exactly where certain collage elements came from... I always use that ad with the teal background and the trees!

  2. Haha me too, I love it! I was actually looking through a Martha Stewart magazine last night and one of the pictures was definitely inspired by that ad - she had a teal dining room and a centerpiece with nearly-bare branches and it looked just like that ad!

  3. I love that they are handwritten, not computer printed. The collage pages and stamps are great!


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