Merry Christmas!

Keeping an Eye Out for Santa

Merry Christmas Eve to you and yours! I hope that everyone has a happy and safe holiday surrounded by the ones they love most. I plan to spend tomorrow visiting with my lovely fiance Mike, my parents, my sisters, my soon-to-be-in-laws, my cat, my dog, and a whole host of cousins, aunts and uncles. And of course I will be cooking some delicious stuffing to devour later this evening. All in all, the perfect recipe for a delightful Christmas in my book!

What are your plans for Christmas? Wherever you find yourself, don't forget to give generously, eat well, and stay warm tomorrow! Merry Christmas!

***In addition to a warm holiday greeting, this post is also an entry to GiveawayBlogs.com “ 2010 Holiday Photo Contest” sponsored by UPrinting.com. So if you like my photo (entitled "Keeping an Eye Out for Santa") 0r just want to spread a little holiday cheer, please leave a comment to let me (and the judges!) know! Thanks and Merry Christmas!


  1. too cute! I love the dramatic lighting!

  2. hello!! lovely to meet you. this picture is absolutely darling :) the title that goes with it is priceless :)

    stuffing is one of my favorite food items during the holidays...who am i kidding i think i would like it all times of the year :)

    we're just spending time with friends and family this christmas...just the way it should be don't you think:)

    i hope your holidays are filled with fun and lots of memories!

  3. awww you pup is too cute! he looks so excited. :]

  4. It's been a while since I visited your blog. Love the photo of your doggie looking out the window, next to the beautiful Christmas tree. Also, I love your stove top stuffing. I'm real excited about this, because I no longer have to buy the stove top stuffing in the box.
    I hope you and your loved ones had a wonderful Christmas day!

  5. I hope you had a lovely Christmas! Best wishes for a happy, healthy new year!

  6. LOVE the photo .... and what a great title :-}}

    Happy Christmas.

  7. Thank you everyone for stopping by! I hope Christmas has treated you all well and that you have a safe and happy New Year!

  8. those photos of your dog are adorable!


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