Mr. and Mrs. Globe Trot

I love the holidays. I get nostalgic for this time of year nearly as soon as it's over, when I know that I'll have a few more bleak months of winter to get through without the anticipation of Christmas day or the brightness of holiday lights and family gatherings to warm up the cold winter nights. I try to infuse the Christmas spirit into my life the whole year round. Though I don't go overboard, if I get the urge I might check out a few Christmas craft books from the library mid-summer to get a headstart on handmade decorations, or I'll flip through old holiday photos while listening to some Bing Crosby to remind myself of all I have to look forward to next December.

So, needless to say, I was overjoyed when I saw these photos of the Vienna Christmas Market on Mr and Mrs Globe Trot's blog. The couple has a blog devoted to their international travels as newlyweds and they have captured some really beautiful scenes from a diverse array of locales. They recently had two posts from the Vienna Christmas Market, one of the market during the day and another post for photos of the market at night. Their images are brimming with all the nostalgia of Christmas, complete from the twinkle of Christmas lights to the joy of gifts bought direct from the artisans who created them. Despite the obviously cold temperatures (everyone is bundled up and going for the warm drinks), there is a feeling of warmth in these series because the photos are able to capture so completely the joy of the festivities. Here are a few of my favorite shots but please stop by their blog to see the full collection of images. They represent, to me, everything Christmas should be. I guess I need to find a way to make it to Vienna next year so I can immerse myself in this holiday tradition!

*Obviously all of these photos belong to Mr and Mrs Globe Trot, Julia and Yuriy, themselves!


  1. Hi Laura, thanks for posting our photos and writing about us! I truly hope you make it to Vienna for the holidays some time. Merry Christmas!

  2. Ooh yes, they are lovely photos. Have a lovely Christmas.


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