We all know about reducing, reusing, and recycling - but what about upcycling? The concept is to utilize things you already have and recycle them to create more beautiful, useful, and eco-friendly products than you started with. The idea isn't difficult to grasp and is one most crafty-minded people have probably put into action plenty of times before. Danny Seo's book Upcycling, however, takes this fairly familiar concept to a whole new level.

Seo's upcycling projects are classified into one of five categories: ideas for decorating, ideas for entertaining, ideas for giving, ideas for kids, and utilizing materials from the great outdoors. And each of these categories contain an unbelievable amount of ingenious ideas for making the most of what you've already got around the house or would otherwise throw away. From a bath mat made of wine corks to fine-tooth-comb bookshelves, leather-belt doormats to cute zip-tie vines for organizing electronics cords, chopstick trivets to paint-stirrer candle lanterns, the ideas contained within this book are seemingly endless and endlessly inventive. Seo's book proves that, with just a few basic tools such as a glue gun and some thread and needle, nearly any item of trash can be turned into a treasure for your home, your next party, or your best friends' birthdays.

Wine Cork Bath Mat

Homemade Tiered Trays

Chinese Take-Out Chopstick Trivet

Though some of Seo's ideas verge a bit too much on the kitsch for me, flipping through Upcycling is still a great way to generate new ideas and push your creative abilities to the limits. The techniques and modes of thinking requires for Seo's projects can easily apply to whatever item your home needs or whatever types of excess you've got lying around and want to use up. Mr. Seo is truly the upcycling king and for anyone who wants to learn more, consider his book your new bible.

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