I've been finding myself a little more optimistic about the state of music these days, probably in large part thanks to the band Givers. Their music is able to stay peppy and positive without sacrificing substance or artistic talent. Their percussion-driven tunes are highlighted by beautiful harmonies created through the fusion of two talented lead vocalists, one female and one male.

"In Light," Givers' debut album, is one that I can play all day as I drive around for work and never (at least not yet!) get bored with. And these danceable tunes are perfect for beating boredom when stuck in traffic or at a long stoplight.

Here are just a few of my favorite tunes from Givers. I highly recommend checking out their entire album because there really isn't a single track on it that doesn't deliver joyful and wonderful music!

"Up, Up, Up" is the opening track from "In Light" and it's pretty unbeatable in the danceability department!

This live performance of "Atlantic" recorded during SXSW really sold me on this band. I found myself captivated by the variety of instruments (some traditional and others not-so-traditional) being utilized but even more so by the lead female vocals which are tinged with just the subtlest of rasps.

Though I genuinely enjoy the album versions of all Givers' songs, I thought this SXSW session highlighted their talent and the simple beauty of their music so well that I couldn't resist including this video of their single "Saw You First."


  1. Thank you for the tip, Laura! I've just started listening to them and they are great!!

  2. love the Givers as well! I've been so bad about keeping up with blogs lately. I hope you got my email and I'm looking forward to seeing you soon!


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