On Positivity

Occasionally I worry that I'm not a good critic. On this blog, for instance, all the books, movies, artists, and recipes that I share and review get positive marks. To the reader, it may appear that I love everything I consume, that I'm an undiscerning patron of the arts and food.

In reality, this is hardly the case. I can complain just as much as the next person and the list of books I start and never finish because I find them boring, incomprehensible, or dull is much longer than I wish it to be. But the reason things get such a positive glow on Radiator Tunes is because I don't see the point in dishing out negativity. Why would I waste my time elaborating upon the reasons why I think you shouldn't read a book that I found particularly horrible when I could utilize that post as an opportunity to sing the praises of another worthwhile read? I guess negative reviews are ultimately antithetical to what I'm trying to do on this blog.

Though my goals are fluid and constantly taking new form, I generally hope to reach and share with others in a positive way. Some blogs share thoughts and ideas on fashion, others on motherhood and family life, and still others on design and homemaking. For me, I could never place limitations on the vastness of my curiosity and the spread of my interests, so I share whatever it is that I find particularly moving on any given day of the week. I think my blog is ultimately shaped by who I am and the interests that I have as a person, which gives it a particular personality (or at least, I hope it does), but also a positive spin. My posts are fueled by whatever it is that I find myself passionate about and that enthusiasm infuses and fuels Radiator Tunes.

I'm not really sure where I intended for this post to go, but this is a general line of thought that has come to me again and again as of late. Am I being too undiscerning by not posting about books that I found less than overwhelmingly wonderful? Am I letting readers down by failing to refer to movies that failed to entertain or recipes that failed to please? Ultimately I think the answer is no. I allow whatever I consume with enthusiasm and joy to become a topic on this blog. And doing so creates a positive atmosphere, one that I am proud to put my name on and to share with others.

I have yet to come across many (if not, any) blogs out there that are primarily devoted to bashing other people, their work, passions, or interests. Most of the blogs you'll come across have nothing but positivity and enthusiasm to share, for anything less would be a waste of a blogger's and her reader's time. This little community is one that thrives upon support, connectivity, enthusiasm, and good cheer. I hope to see this trend continue and for the goodness to keep on coming. Thanks for reading.

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  1. I have come across a few that bash but once the blog owner marks the comment 'spam' the creep goes away... Other sites are infiltrated w/attention whores, drama queens... Blogger seems to attract a higher end of folk who don't need the attention...Hope it stays that way. :-)


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