Weekly Recap

Louie's guilty face gets her out of so much trouble.

Fall is in the air!

A few pretty shots around the garden of the house I've been sitting.

A typical housesitting morning - tea, a book, and the great outdoors.

More shots of the garden. I love the little hairs on this guy.

I've had some bad luck with shoes lately (three pairs have suffered significant damage in the past month!) so I finally got myself a pair of TOMS and I am positively loving them!


  1. It looks like you had a lovely weekend! (Very nice that new blog layout by the way!)

  2. These shoes look pretty comfy!

    Nice blog! I just got here through Moments of a Libra. I'm also on her 'lovely people' list. I'm so flattered :P

    Come visit me too sometime. I'd love that!



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