Weekly Recap

Monday: I've been driving by this tree nearly every day for work and the excitement of seeing half of its leaves turned to bright red never lessens! 

Tuesday: Pumpkins and squash galore!

 Wednesday: I know I still have about three months more to wait until my most favorite holiday but that doesn't mean I can't start raiding the local library for Christmas inspiration! A Greener Christmas (which I posted about around this time last year) and The Farm Chicks Christmas are definitely my two favorites thus far! 

Thursday: A trip to my local craft store was crucial to my efforts to fall-ify my house! This garland was 60% off (with so many seasonal sales and coupons, you should never have to pay full price at these places!) and adds so much autumnal cheer to my living room. Plus I can use it year after year after year!

Friday: These little owl candles are another favorite fall touch of mine! I'll probably never burn them because they are just too adorable as they are!

Saturday: Mike and I went to see the new movie 50/50 on Saturday morning (all movies are only $6.00 per ticket before 12:00 noon on the weekends at AMC theaters!). We'd both been looking forward to the film and were extremely pleased by how entertaining, touching, and hilarious it was. 50/50 was everything you would hope it to be - funny without being completely insensitive and heartwarming without crossing the line onto the overly sentimental side. I highly recommend seeing this one soon!


  1. Oh! These are lovely photos :) I wish I could go more to the movies, but a movie ticket here in Norway is about 25 american dollars... It's too expensive, even for Norwegians!

  2. It was great to see you yesterday! I'm trying to catch up on your blog posts... everything's so lovely and fall :)


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