Weekly Recap

Tuesday: Power outages make for very interesting candle wax formations. 

Wednesday: Power outages also make for perturbed puppies.

Thursday: I was so excited to receive this wonderful selection of chocolates and candy from my friend Karyn who is currently abroad in Germany. Generous international foodie friends are the best!

Friday: A pesto-coated portobello mushroom salad was just what the doctor ordered once we got our power back (and more importantly, the fridge and the stove back too!).

Saturday: I'm trying my hand at drying my own herbs. This rosemary plant was already on its way out so I decided to get an early start on saving these leaves up.

Sunday: My backyard tomatoes just did not want to ripen on the vine. Windowsill sitting sped up the process while my impatience allowed me an opportunity to enjoy some tie-dye tomatoes.


  1. yay so glad you got it! p.s. i'm back in town now and would love to meet up this fall! i'll keep you posted when things die down a little!!!

  2. Laura thannks for visiting! I hope you were able to find the Durian so that you can experience what the fruit is all about.

    I also love European candy and pastries I was not able to get enough of that stuff when I lived overseas. They are quite a treat.


  3. Oh, I really have to start using candles again, it's so lovely!
    I love international food and candy too, though sometimes it's sad when something is delicious and you don't know if you can ever eat it again.

    Haha, tie-dye tomatoes indeed!

  4. I'm glad your power is back on and your puppy is adorable! I am a fan of green tomatoes, so I would have popped them right on a sandwich with some salt!


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