Green America: Economic Action for a Just Planet

I just wanted to spread the word about this wonderful little website I recently came across called Green America. Their tagline says it all: Economic Action for a Just Planet. This site hosts listings of green businesses, a guide to ending sweatshop labor, green gift suggestions, and avenues for taking action to ensure social responsibility and justice. Green America publishes reports on socially responsible businesses and investing and offers programs to teach readers on everything from boycotting to fair trade.

I'm just enthralled with all the good work that this non-profit does and how comprehensively they encourage, support, and advocate for a socially responsible, environmentally conscious, just lifestyle. I could spend hours browsing their website, weaning whatever morsels of knowledge and insight I could from the multitude of articles featured on an array of topics so vast and varied. Green America is truly a wonderful resource for anyone who recognizes the consequences of their lifestyle and their actions, for socially conscious consumers, and for innovative individuals with aspirations of leaving the world a better place than they found it.

 Learn more about Green America by visiting their website and be sure to check out their list of Ten Things You Should Never Buy Again, their suggested 25 Ways to Get and Give What You Need Without Money, and of course the Guide to Ending Sweatshop Labor.

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