Happy Fall!

Though the craft stores may already be stocking pumpkins, gourds, and ghouls and Halloween candy is in abundance at grocery stores across the nation, today marks the official start of fall! I don't discredit companies that rush the season as I do so myself with a vengeance. But I also like to give a nod to the official start of the season because today I know that all my waiting, anticipating, and make-believing are over (at least until next year).

Pumpkin chai, apple orchards, changing leaves, scarves and sweaters, cozy blankets, steamy tea, feasts and the giving of thanks, a crispness in the air - just a few of the things that I love about this time of year! I'll even add football to the mix!

So Happy Fall to you and yours! This marks the most wonderful time of the year in my book (September through December is pretty much an unstoppably positive and joyful period of time in my life) and I am ready to soak it all up! Here are just a few photos to get you in the mood... I promise to create many more in the coming weeks!


  1. Happy fall, Laura! :) Always nice to pop by your blog.

  2. love love love this post! i am so excited it is finally fall. xx

  3. happy fall to you!


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