Week in Words and Photos

Spring, delicious spring!

It finally felt like spring (if not summer) for a few days in Baltimore and I took full advantage of the sun and the warmth to get some gardening in. I'll have a post dedicated to a more full garden tour, but here are just a few photos of my progress thus far. I cannot wait to gather so much of my own produce from my backyard this summer!

Blueberries on the bush

Flowering arugula

I made this wreath at the beginning of the season and had a totally different end product in mind. It took me a while to come around to the girly look of what I actually made, but it's finally growing on me - especially during these April showers when it brings just a touch of extra sunshine to the front door!

All in all it's been a busy week over here and a bittersweet one too. Thursday was my last day of work at the community center where I ran an after-school homework help program for kids. Although my time there was filled with plenty of days when I drove home mired in frustration, exasperation, sadness, and confusion, I also learned more than I thought possible and made some close connections with the children and their families. I'm horrible with goodbyes and will truly miss my boss and the work that I did there. I'm trying to stay positive and focus on the fact that I now have a little free time to focus on my wedding (less than two weeks away... ahh!) before getting into the groove of my new job working with inner-city Baltimore teens.

How was your week? Happy May!


  1. Wow - how great - your arugula is looking amazing - much better than ours is doing so far! And that wreath is wonderful.

    How exciting that you're getting married in two weeks, and starting a new job - congrats!

  2. I always thought that flowers up close look a little alien like.. don't you think? Love that red.

    Congrats on getting married! Marriage is one big adventure.


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