Snapshots from the Week

The adventures in gardening never cease over here! I've noticed plenty of new progress in the vegetable garden this week. My blueberry bush is looking particularly great!

I never knew that string bean plants flowered. These sweet and delicate little white blooms are flowering on all my string beans! 

Broccoli is quite the flowerer too! These cute yellow flowers are rampant all over my broccoli plant. I just don't know from where exactly on the plant the broccoli will sprout!

I've got a handful of herbs already going strong in the garden, but I decided to grow a second round. These potted guys are finally starting to show some life!

I can probably attribute all the activity in the garden to the warm sunny days following up last week's rainy drizzle. Unfortunately, summer-like temperatures are not extremely pleasant in a row-house sans central air conditioning. Poor Digby is on a hunt to find the coolest spots in the house. The high heat brings out the laziness in him!

Playing around with my camera and an agave plant that I brought back to life after an old coworker thought she had killed it beyond all hope. Love this wooden planter!

I like to have a little Christmas in my life all year long. My mom was kind enough to buy me these lovely star ornaments from a fair-trade store last holiday season. Now they bring a little touch of festivity to my kitchen all year round!

As much as I love to cook and love eggs, for some reason I have always had trouble mastering the art of the omelet. I finally got it down this week and was so proud of myself, I had to take some pictures! This delicious egg breakfast contained arugula, roasted red peppers, Parmesan cheese, and garden-fresh herbs. Delicious! 

It was also Mike's birthday yesterday so we had a nice little birthday celebration complete with Barbecue Pulled Pork Pie, Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie, and a comedy show. And after Memorial Day weekend wraps up, we're off to New England for our road trip honeymoon! How was your week? What are you looking forward to soon?


  1. You definitely have a green thumb.. Love the wooden planter too!. Then again the photo of your kitty is priceless.

  2. These photos are really beautiful. My favorite is the second one of the plant in the trunk.

  3. YUM! That omelete looks delicious! That wood planter is rad!

  4. wow, had no idea broccoli plants had such pretty flowers..

  5. I love your garden pics - it's so exciting when things start to sprout and perk up - we just harvested our first strawberries and it was so much fun :)

  6. you have quite the marvelous green thumb, everything looks so good! and digby...is the cutest


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