Week in Words and Photos

How to demolish a blueberry pie after missing National Pie Day on January 23rd.

Steeple of a local church. Love how it looks lit up at night, been meaning to take this photo for some time now.

Standard breakfast this week. Plain yogurt, agave nectar, oats, cinnamon, almonds, blueberries,
bananas, and cranberries. Nutritious and delicious!

Bookshelves! Newly organized and prettied up! The snow day left me lots
of time for some early spring cleaning.

Autumn and I had a Valentine's craft party - making cards, sipping on wine, and watching An Affair to Remember.

Some of my creations... keep your eyes out for a full post on these soon!

Digby's latest antics - balancing atop the one-inch-wide railing at the top of our stairs. Dangerous kitty.

Finally some significant snow fall! Perfect for playing in with Mike!
I took this one at night while it was snowing. Not using the flash made for a kind of creepy effect - love it!

Snowy telephone pole.

Prior to adopting Digby, Mike and I would dote on a neighbor's outdoor cat whom
we deemed Mr. Biggelsworth. I found this set of tracks left by Mr. Biggels in the
snow in our backyard.

I also came across the delightful Matchbook magazine this past week, which I definitely recommend taking a virtual flip through. Their tagline is "Field Guide to a Charmed Life" which I'd say is a pretty apt description of what you'll find inside. Lots of content and inspiration in there, from interviews with stylish and talented individuals to beauty advice, fashion and home decor ideas, a cooking section, some travel pieces, and so much more! 

This issue of Matchbook also featured a piece on Warby Parker, an eyeglass company that my friend Sarah told me about a few weeks ago. They're kind of like the Toms of glasses - buy one pair for yourself and they'll send another pair to someone in need. The glasses are all vintage-inspired and very cute! I particularly enjoyed playing around with the "Virtual Try-On" feature - if you've got a webcam or a photo of yourself, you can see what you'd look like donning a pair of their glasses. Needless to say, it won't offer a very realistic image and I died laughing over the crazy look of myself in their Huxley style.

I also have one more thing to share: this Love Letter to the Blogosphere from Danielle at Sometimes Sweet. Danielle's blog is one of my favorites and definitely one of the ones that I turn to whenever I'm in need of some inspiration. This post was a particular favorite of mine because she perfectly described why the blogosphere is so wonderful! She speaks to the power of making connections via blogs, of having a place to document some of life's best memories both large and small, of having a space to convene with like-minded people. I couldn't have said it better myself and I'm so glad I caught this post - it's a great source of blogging inspiration!

How was your week? 


  1. Love your photos!. I agree w/you on that night shot!.

  2. what a fun little week! :) love the little craft party, how cute...oh and i have a pair of warby parker glasses and i LOVE them. i will seriously buy all my glasses from them for as long as they are around!!

  3. love your week of photos (looks like a pretty fantastic week), that first picture looks sooo yummy and i love your valentines! I will have to check out Matchbook Magazine, thanks for sharing your finds!

  4. I really like both the nighttime photos, they definitely have a "film" quality to them, though I'm pretty sure that darkroom hasn't been assembled yet!

  5. I wish my week looked like blueberry pie. Instead, it looks like prostate cancer. Sigh.

  6. I love the craft party with wine! Looks like a great week.

  7. Just found your blog : ) That blueberry pie is making me hungry and I'm on my way to bed! By the way, is there really a national pie day? If there is, if am so in!!!


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