Photos From My Week

Tuesday I was lucky enough to get off of work for a snow day. But it wasn't so much a snow day as an ice
day. Each blade of grass was coated in a thin sheet of ice and made for some delightful fun taking pictures.

I created a Fabric Twist Tie Wreath. Tutorial coming soon!

Hung this message up over our bed.

Had a Cary Grant marathon, read my new Martha Stewart Living, and drank cup after cup of Lemon Mint Tea.

Despite a stressful week at work, the past few days have been delightful nonetheless. Mike and I went wedding ring shopping (we think we found the ones!), I brought home three huge  Jamie Oliver cookbooks from the library, made some delicious (and freezable!) soups that will last us the next few weeks, and started reading Barbara Kingsolver's The Lacuna. Unfortunately we failed to properly celebrate National Pie Day on Sunday but maybe we'll partake in pie-indulgence festivities tonight! 

Hope life has been treating you well and that your weekend was lovely! 


  1. I see u love macros!..I like the fabric twist photo.. The mono effect is so classy...

  2. love the sign over your bed! can't wait for the tutorial.

  3. everything looks beautiful. and I've started an e-mail to you and it should be sent tonight or tomorrow!

  4. I can't believe all the ice! Can't wait to see the tutorial about the wreath. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend. :)

  5. what a great eye you have!!
    Thanks for your comment at Fieldstone Hill,
    I know! There are too many good colors!
    My post yesterday talked about how to pick a list of your favorite punch colors:
    Hope you enjoy it!
    - {darlene}


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