Tidbits from the Weekend

I spent the first weekend of the New Year in a state of near-total relaxation and calm. The majority of my days were spent in new Christmas pajama pants curled up with a good book (be on the lookout for plenty of book review posts in the near future). The rainy weather didn't bother me a bit, but rather encouraged plenty of tea-drinking and Lindor truffle eating (I know, I can't really blame the rain for my gorging on chocolate, but it makes my behavior seem just a tiny bit more excusable).

We also took down our Christmas tree and other various holiday decorations. It was more of a fun enterprise than a sad one though - the tree was really really dead and needles were falling everywhere, which the cat decided to play in. It was also quite a feat getting it out the front door. But our home is back to some semblance of normalcy, though it feels a bit naked to me.

There were plenty of New Year's posts to read all around the blog world and I have been forging connections and discovering new and interesting online spaces as well. Everyone seems to be reflecting on the past year in addition to anticipating the new, and it got me thinking about what a big year 2010 was for me. I got engaged in February, started this blog in the summer, which I have come to love so very much, became the proud owner of a playful kitten, and enrolled in graduate school. Even better, all of these things are sure to bring about more excitement in the future - my upcoming wedding, a (hopefully) growing blog readership, more posts, more of Digby's (the rambunctious kitten's) hilarious antics, and finally going back to school!

In keeping with my own personal goals for 2011, I tried to capture a few more shots from my weekend than I'm usually wont to do, though there was little action to capture. Most of these images are of our hearty and healthy Sunday-night dinner: whole wheat penne with chicken, roasted peppers, and sun-dried tomatoes. Delicious!

I know, I know... cherries aren't in season and who knows where these guys were shipped from and all that bad
stuff. But I just cannot resist cherries. Especially at $2 a pound. I caved at the grocery store big time. 


  1. Hey, Laura!
    I love that photo of Digby!. Is he/she 7 weeks old? reminds me of Kalei when I got her.. Love your photos as well and will be followin' u as well!. As far as the snow, its a rarity. thought u Baltimoreans would get it seasonally.

  2. Aw thanks! Digby is just about 4 months old now, but he's still pretty small for his size. Thanks for following! And as for the snow, I wish we got more of it. Last year we had quite the downpour but it was highly unusual... Hoping for some of the same again this year!

  3. Hello! Your cat is so adorable and that pasta looks yummy! You sound like me with the relaxing and the license to gorge on sweets. I ate a whole carton of Whoppers in about 2 days time. GOsh, when I write it down that sounds really terrible! Oops! It does seem allowable for at least a few days! Happy New Year!

  4. Laura, thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Your kitten is adorable! About your Christmas tree struggle, our tree made the most horrendous scraping sound as we drug it out the door -- pretty sure my sweet little pup is scarred for life! Can't wait to come back and read more! xo

  5. Oh my goodness Digby is such a cutie!! And that pasta looks so very tasty :) Happy 2011 my friend!!

  6. you have such a cute kitty!!! she's precious! and that dish looks amazing!

    thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. i will be following yours as well, its pretty great :)




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