Weekly Recap

I've really enjoyed doing these Monday Weekly Review posts as they keep me creative and current during those periods of time when I'm not highly prolific in the blogging arena. In an effort to further challenge myself, to stay blog-oriented throughout the week, and to surround myself with more beautiful and/or interesting people, places, and things, I've decided to up the ante a bit for these posts.

Rather than including a random selection of photos taken over the course of the previous week as I normally do, I plan on posting a collection of seven photos in my recaps with one good photo to share from each day. I'm hoping that doing so will keep my creative eye finely tuned but will also encourage me to do more photo-worthy activities, whether it be taking those few extra minutes to decoratively plate a weeknight meal or enjoying a free outdoor concert that I might otherwise find a million excuses to skip. I can't promise that this will last for too long, since I'm not sure just how busy my schedule will be when I'm back in school this fall. Nonetheless, I plan to make a strong effort to epitomize each and every day of my week with a single photo that will be shared here on Monday mornings. So here's my first official round - hope you enjoy it!

Monday: Since I came up with this bright idea on Tuesday, I'm repeating a photo that I already shared here in a post all about my Christmas in July celebration. It was an enticing feast that had me anticipating the end of summer more than ever.

Tuesday: I can finally say that Louie and Digby are truly interacting with one another. Though it may look violent, Mike and I think they're enjoying each other's company and staying relatively friendly. The dog has a tendency to play a little bit tough while the cat seems somewhat malicious at times. But, since they both keep coming back for more, it seems that their interspecies friendship is finally blossoming.

Wednesday: It may not look or sound like much, but this barbecue avocado tuna concoction is one of the most surprisingly tasty things I've had for dinner in quite some time. Mike has been on a tuna kick lately and added a honey citrus barbecue sauce to his fish the other night, as well as some fresh chopped avocado. It was surprisingly delicious so on Wednesday I made a meal out of it by adding some tomato and goat cheese to the mix.

Thursday: In an attempt to make this post a little less Louie-centric, I took some photos of the shitake mushrooms that Mike and I ate for dinner Thursday night. Though I thought they were decent shots from the viewfinder on my camera, my computer screen indicated otherwise after the loading process. And so another shot of Louie made its way to this recap post since I couldn't resist capturing these puppy dog eyes Louie gave when I left the house for a few minutes to water the plants.

Friday: I've been in the market for a new centerpiece for my dining room table for a few weeks. I'd done the whole live plant thing for a bit, but my herbs just weren't getting enough sun indoors to stay happy and healthy. A trip to the craft store and some ingenuity solved my problem. A recycled Pom juice glass, some uncooked red lentils, and a few fake flowers in fall tones made for the perfect cheery compliment to my colorful and cozy dining room.

Saturday: Saturday was spent with my family at Fiore Winery for a sweet little wine festival. The friendly folks at Fiore held an inexpensive tasting event complete with a live band. We parked our blanket under a shady tree, set up a picnic, and enjoyed plenty of Prosecco for the afternoon!

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