Weekly Recap: A Collection of Photos from Deep Creek Lake

This past Friday ended my week-long stint at Deep Creek Lake on vacation with the family. Our gorgeous lake-front house was the perfect hideaway for relaxing days spent on the dock, reading, and kayaking. We took plenty of trips to local artisan's shops and studios, area restaurants, and nearby Wisp resort to keep things interesting and wile away some of the rainier days. 

This vacation marked one of the best I've yet shared with my family. I've found that the older we've all grown, the more we (generally) seem to have fun together... until we all get on one another's nerves. But it was still an excellent opportunity to reconnect with the whole family as well as a perfect chance to work on getting some true, deep, and total relaxation.

Since coming home, I've also got to work on resurrecting my Tumblr. It's been a while since I've put much effort into it, so I apologize in advance for the poor condition of my page!

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