The Quirk Project

Today I am so excited to be featured over on Roxanne's blog Simplicities and Serendipities.

Roxanne has this great little feature known as The Quirk Project whereby bloggers list several of their own personal quirks to share with the rest of the blogging world. It's a cute little project that highlights some of the things that make us all such unique individuals. At the same time, while reading through past submissions to The Quirk Project, it won't take very long for you to recognize that we are all pretty similar in having so many strange and varied personal quirks (though a few of my quirks are probably more accurately a mild case of OCD!).

So please, stop by Simplicities and Serendipities and take a look around Roxanne's awesome blog - it's one of my favorites and I'm so excited to be included in this fun project today!


  1. I love reading about other people's quirks...it's what makes us interesting!

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Laura! And thanks so much for being part of the project. xo

  3. unrelated, but the new blog header and font look great!


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