Another Round of Bloggers I Love

Just a small sampling of some of my current favorite bloggers. These blogs are all being brought to the world by talented, inspiring, and generous women that deserve a little recognition! And if you're interested in seeing what bloggers I profiled in my last Favorite Bloggers Post, check them out here.

Atlantic Atlantis

Sarah over at Atlantic Atlantis has quickly established herself as one of my favorite bloggers. She writes about anything and everything in her day to day life and beyond, supplemented by beautiful photos of the everyday. Just a quick look at Sarah's Birthday Goals or About Me reminds me of why I love to make connections with bloggers - it's refreshing to find people with whom you have so much in common but from whom you can also learn so much!

The Merry Way

The girl behind The Merry Way, Stephanie, is one of those people you just wish you could hate - adorable, infectiously happy, talented, and leading her dream life. You really can't help, however, but fall victim to her charm as soon as you arrive at The Merry Way. She couldn't have chosen a more apt title for her blog. Though her content ranges from book reviews to fashion posts to tidbits from her life to sustainable living, her sunny personality permeates each and every post.

Talks to Tofu

Felicia from Talks to Tofu quotes Denis Waitley in her About section. "Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude." Her blog is a joyous, clean, and beautiful space full of gorgeous photos from her life and cheerful posts. I'm crazy about blogs that are photo-heavy, quirky, and/or full of optimism. I think Felicia gets points on all three counts!

The Mad to Live

I think of The Mad to Live as this sort of over-the-top motivational kick in the butt. The blogger behind the whole site, Lauren, infuses each and every post with her inspiring "just do it" attitude. But she takes it to a whole new level of intensity, encouragement, and madness. Reading her posts gives me that forceful reminder I desperately need every now and then to not get so bogged down in the stuff of life and to go after whatever I want to do. Lauren constantly pushes the limits and motivates her readers to expand their conceptions of just what is possible. This is definitely the kind of blog that will turn around a bad day or give you that final push in the right direction of taking control of your own life!

I hope you've found a new blog to love from among these four. What are some of your favorite blogs?


  1. Yea! I've never visited any of these!

  2. these are great bloggers and i'm familiar with them! nice roundup :)

  3. That is seriously the nicest compliment I have ever received from a fellow blogger - thank you! Some people crave followers, I crave the connection! Sending major love. ♥

  4. Aw thanks so much Sarah! Much as I like to see my followers numbers rise, it really is the emails, comments, and connections that make this so worth doing! Glad I could make your day!


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