A Few of My Favorite Weddings

Mike and I just tied the knot yesterday! We're currently recovering from yesterday's festivities and basking in the early glow of newlywed life. I've got some posts scheduled during this newly-wedded week and then when we go on our honeymoon in early June, so Radiator Tunes will stay up and running even while I'm busy being a newlywed. For now, instead of my traditional Monday Week in Words and Photos post, I've got a few great weddings to share that have particularly important in helping me to shape my wedding day!

For obvious reasons, in the past few months I've been particularly drawn to bridal blogs. I'm at times inspired and at other times dismayed because of the unrepeatable beauty and originality of these weddings. I want to emulate these gorgeous ceremonies and receptions but I also think that a big part of the magic of these weddings is that they are so personal and unique to the individuals they bring together.

Nonetheless, I still am a true believer in drawing inspiration from elements that you love and I definitely did plenty of this for yesterday's wedding extravaganza (okay... it wasn't really that extravagant, that's just not my style. But it was an extravaganza in my life). Potted herbal centerpieces, origami peace crane details, and a selection of assorted pies in lieu of a cake are just a few of the details that Mike and I incorporated into our wedding that weren't 100% original idea. But when it all came together, our day was be perfectly suited to my new husband and myself, no matter where we drew our inspiration and ideas.

Anyway, the reason I'm going into all of this is because there are some weddings out there that are just too beautiful to pass up. I've highlighted a few of my favorites here but I've been combing wedding blogs for months now so I know there are plenty of weddings that I've seen and fallen in love with but have failed to include in this post. Feast your eyes on these!

This is actually the wedding that inspired me to do this post. Not only is this couple frickin' adorable, they created a great backyard wedding that I totally envy. I love the decor - subtle natural elements and a bit of sparkle here and there - and the feel of the whole day - rustic and vintage with a touch of whimsy and a whole lot of fun. The bridal party was decked out in all mismatched black and white, allowing each girl or guy's personality to come through a bit. Their cake was placed atop an old record player, complete with vinyl albums on the shelf below. Everything about this wedding is classy and romantic but still personal, a bit casual, and completely one-of-a-kind.

The first time I came across this couple I kept thinking to myself "They stole my wedding!" I'd wanted to do a backyard, DIY type reception which is exactly what Sherry and John did with style and class! Their backyard was perfect for hosting the ceremony and reception and a bunch of loved ones were involved in making their day complete. Food was primarily prepared by the couple while their parents manned the grill the day of, the decor was simple and centerpieces were very eco-friendly: beautiful lemons and limes gathered in large clear bowls. They also had a photo booth at the reception - one of the biggest wedding trends at the moment - but actually mimicked the photo-strip style for their adorable Save the Dates. They made their wedding day entirely their own, from start to finish, and I love how flawlessly they pulled the whole thing off!

I knew that I wanted to do something sustainable and useful in my own wedding - it doesn't make sense to me to make a waste of so many beautiful cut flowers for centerpieces and the like. That was why I thought about using potted herbs instead. These would still be useful and beautiful beyond the wedding day and would fit in with the blue and green color palette in my head. Enter Carrie and Eric's inspiring wedding. I fell in love with the lavender bouquets, the potted herb centerpieces, the rock place settings, the outdoor ceremony. This wedding just feels so natural and peaceful and sweet and I'm completely in love. I also dig the bridesmaids' dresses - they're wearing a bright teal that isn't too garish nor too pastel. It nicely compliments the style of the whole day.

Jordan and Nick are just the most adorable couple. Maybe it's because Jordan reminds me of Taylor Swift and has that all-American sweetheart charm. Their wedding is 100% original to me - from the altar created with vintage photo frames to the lamp centerpieces and mismatched chairs, the decor and vintage style of this wedding is truly unique. Once again, this is a backyard wedding which I obviously adore. And I think it's awesome that the bridesmaids did waitress duty. Not that I think they should be spending the majority of their time serving food but it's a nice homey touch that I find very sweet. I also love that Jordan walked down the aisle to the much-covered Bob Dylan tune "To Make You Feel My Love" performed by a friend of the couple's. And Jordan's shoes were great. So much to love!

What a bright and beautiful wedding! I love that Sarah and Jaime weren't afraid to be colorful and bold for their wedding, that they used a wild and vibrant palette and didn't hold back one bit. The turquoise and hot pink are just too much fun. I love Sarah's dress and her shoes - how her whole look is just as flirty as the rest of the wedding decor. They also kept the guest list small and I love intimate weddings. With a smaller guest list, it is easy to keep in mind what the wedding is ultimately all about. For some couples, planning a huge and extravagant wedding becomes a distraction from the reason for a wedding in the first place: their commitment to one another. And how about dessert: red velvet cupcakes and a candy bar? Now that's my idea of awesome wedding dessert options. This wedding is brimming with personality and looks like it was such a good time for Sarah, Jaime, and all their guests. And at the end of the day, I think a wedding should be a good time for the couple and their most beloved friends and family.

I promise wedding pictures once we're back from our honeymoon in mid-June!


  1. Congrats on getting married! And thanks for sharing those pictures! I'm getting married in September, and I've been looking for some inspiration. I love the lighting from Lex and Loren's wedding! And the lemons and limes! Thanks!

  2. Congratulations! My advice: Write everything down about the day, even the little moments, in a notebook while everything is still fresh in your brain. I did this and love going back and reading it.

    Great pictures too!

  3. Congratulations!!!

    These are some very inspiring weddings for sure, hope we get to see some pictures of yours soon. :)

  4. Congratulations, how wonderful! Love all of those weddings!

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