Reunion Cards

My soon-to-be-mother-in-law is having a reunion with some of her long lost high school friends today. She went to see the Beatles with these girls back in the day - aren't you jealous?

Since it has been years since these ladies have seen each other, she asked me to make some cards for the occasion to give to her friends. We wanted to create something with a 60's feel but, good recycler that I am, I didn't have many magazines left on hand with photos of the Beatles, record players, and the like.

Then, during my pre-spring cleaning the other day, I came across two vintage Look magazines I bought from an antique store a few years ago. These were from '70 and '71 and full of vintage cars, record players, color TVs, and cigarette ads galore. Goldmine!

As a young twenty-something, I worry that my notion of 1960's America is probably highly idealized and far from the reality of that time period. Nonetheless, I hoped to capture a bit of the essence of that time for these ladies who experienced it first hand. Bright colors and a select few vintage images hopefully did the trick.

I'll leave you with this: a video of the Fab Four themselves at Shea Stadium performing "Twist & Shout," my personal favorite. 


  1. eeee I love them! this might be the perfect project for you, really! You'll have to let me know how they like them!

  2. Those cards are fantastic, they really have a vintage feel. I'm sure they'll love them!

  3. Perfect! I was a child "back in the day" of the 60's, and I give you an A+ on these creations!

  4. I never saw the Beatles in concert, but I remember watching them on the Ed Sullivan show. :) Love your cards- I'm sure your future mil and her friends will too.

  5. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog! So great to meet you. I'm loving the colors in these pieces.

  6. how fun :) i love crafty projects.


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