While driving home from work one evening, I came across WXPN's World Cafe broadcast from WXPN. I  found myself immediately smitten by the artist who was the subject of the evening's interview, a man with the most adorable Irish accent. I hurried home to figure out what band was churning out these melodic folksy sounds under voices tinged with Dublin and quickly found my answer: Villagers.

A lot of the music produced by this Ireland-based group sounds really familiar to me. Not in a tired, heard-it-a-hundred-times-before, sounds like everything else on the radio kind of way, but in a nostalgic, comforting, warm and fuzzy kind of way. They fall quite easily under the indie umbrella but, like many of the most successful artists within this genre, there is something a bit special that sets Villagers out from among the rest with all their lead singer-songwriters, college radio hype, and acoustic vibes.

I don't know too much about the group's history and can do little justice by way of a description of their sound, so I'll let the music speak for itself. All I know is that Villagers got me at least a little bit excited about music again which an exceedingly few number of artists have been able to do as of late. Enjoy!

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