Longing for Spring

Much as I love cold weather, snow days, and scarves, it's getting to be that time of year when I can't help itching for warmer weather, longer days, and a greener landscape. These are some photos I've come across (mostly on Tumblr) that remind me of the beach, rainy days, the world in bloom, springtime road trips, and a warmer clime.


  1. loving these springy pictures :) sending some texas sunshine your way!

  2. ugh it was so, so cold this morning, I thought my nose was going to freeze and fall off. these pictures are wonderful though!

  3. Love these pictures!
    I'm new to your blog & I look forward to reading more :)
    It's funny that you write you've had enough of Winter, I live in Australia & we have just entered Autumn (I think you might call it fall?). I wrote just this morning about craving Winter!
    Hope it warms up for you soon, and you can send some of that cold weather this way. x

  4. ahhhh its alllllmooooosssstttt here! <3

  5. i love aLL of these photos. they make me absolutely giddy for spring! haha


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