A Week in Words and Photos

Broccoli rabe made for a delicious Monday night dinner.

Another helping of snow in Baltimore made for some excellent photo ops!

Small signs of green, growth, and spring.

The adorable Sophie who it was my pleasure to dog sit for a few days!

Sophie in action!

Playing around with the morning sunlight and my camera in Sophie's backyard.

I also got this cute bag from Heather over at barelymeasured! She generously sent me this as a gift for guest posting on her blog earlier this month. Check out her awesome blog, her Etsy shop, or my guest post here! Thanks again Heather!

Mike and I ended the week with a day trip to New York City to enjoy Central Park and see comedian Louis C.K. at the comedy club Caroline's. Pretty much an awesome experience whether you're a big comedy fan or not - and the proceeds went to his daughters' school so we were laughing for a good cause and Louie is hilarious. He makes these very keen observations about society and how angry and self-righteous we are, usually at his own expense. One of my favorite bits of his is about how he was riding on an airplane with wi-fi and the guy sitting next to him got all angry when the internet wasn't working, even though it's pretty miraculous that he is sitting in a plane flying through the sky, let alone able to access the internet. And it turns out... that guy was actually Louie himself. He's sort of this anti-consumerism, real-life comedian which I appreciate a lot. 

Anyway I didn't take as many photos in New York as I had hoped but I definitely captured this: our trip to a donut shop called Holey Cream where they hand-dip donuts and also serve ice cream, allowing customers to make donut ice cream sandwiches. What a decadent idea! Mike and I opted for donuts with Nutella icing and Reese's cups and peanut butter chips on top - definitely a good call on both our parts. 

I also have to make a plug for one of my favorite bloggers, Erica Lee Sears of A Tiny Rocket. Erica is a self-taught artist planning her own residency in Hong Kong this spring in the hopes of ultimately producing a coffee table book/iPad collection of her work. She is an extremely talented and ambitious woman and needs just a little financial support to make her dreams come true. See her work here and learn more/donate here.


  1. Wow thanks for the shout out :) I appreciate it. I love the picture of your puppy.. he looks like lots of trouble. :)

    How fun a day in NYC.. I wish I was that close to NYC I would never leave.

  2. oh my god... those doughnuts. I was going to say something else but all other thoughts have been wiped from my mind.

  3. sophie looks like a cutie!! what fun!

    those donuts are AMAZING!!!! wow i want one now...

  4. OMG! I want to go to that shop! That sounds so cool. :) I love the purse. Blog friends are so nice. <3

  5. Stunning photographs! Oh my...I want to take a bite of the nutella doughnut off my computer screen.

  6. Glad you like your barely bag! LOVE the action shot with the Burt's Bees :)


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