Screen-Printed Dylan T-shirt

So I am doing a lot of screen-printing these days and decided to get even a little more creative with this one.

I've been looking online at poster art, fan T-shirts, and album covers for inspiration for musically-inspired shirts. As a huge Bob Dylan fan, I wanted to create some Dylan-esque shirt eventually. My Bob Dylan search on Google Images yielded Milton Glaser's iconic poster that was featured in 1967's Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits album.
With this poster as my inspiration, I set to work creating a design. It was a two-step process: first I filled in all the black areas, then I re-cut the design to create a frame for the hair, which I would paint free-hand. Though not an exact replica of the original poster, I must say I am quite satisfied with the result (as you can tell by my cheesy smile).

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