The Big Apple

I just got back in the wee hours of the morning from a weekend in New York City with Mike. He got a slot for an open mic night at the famous Gotham Comedy Club, and we decided to make a weekend out of it. We ate well, explored all over, and walked until our feet were covered in calluses and blisters. Not only did we managed to tour Central Park, Manhattan, Greenwich Village, Coney Island, Brooklyn, and a bit of Chelsea all in less than two days, we had a fabulous time doing it. From browsing through $1 vintage magazines and art catalogues at Strand (which will hopefully be incorporated into some collage art soon) to tasting a slice of the Food Network's favorite pizza in New York at Bleecker Street Pizza in the village, and attempting to eat the largest Greek salad I've ever seen at the Carnegie Deli, we made the most of our weekend on the cheap. Here are a few shots from our lovely, inspiring, affordable weekend in the Big Apple!

The beautiful, spacious apartment we were fortunate enough to stay in for the weekend. Located in Manhattan with a view of David Lettermen's studio, we really couldn't ask for more.

Trying to get this picture in Strawberry Fields in Central Park was quite a task with so many tourists on a beautiful summer day. Never got a full shot of all the mosaic work but I'm quite satisfied with this one.

Another photograph of the lovely Central Park (though the dirty green lake water leaves much to be desired).

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge in the rain wasn't quite as bad as you'd think and it was definitely an experience I'd love to try again.

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