Dan Mangan

Canadian musician Dan Mangan is quickly becoming one of my new favorite artists (and not just because he reminds me of a charming Seth Rogen). With soaring compositions reminiscent of Mumford and Sons and melodies comparable to those of Josh Ritter, Mangan's sound could be described as polished folk, indie singer-songwriter, or alternative acoustic rock. His songs quickly get stuck in my head in the best way possible and I have yet to hear a single song of his that I dislike.

I'm pretty new to Mangan's whole catalogue, but I was glad to see that my local library carried both of his CDs. I'm still waiting for Mangan's most recent album, Oh Fortune, to come in, but I'm loving the songs off his debut release, Nice, Nice, Very Nice. Here are just a few of my favorite tracks from that album, and there is plenty more to listen to on his website. Enjoy!


  1. thanks so much for sharing! i always love hearing about new artists. i liked the songs you posted, especially "sold".

  2. i only saw them play like 1/3 of robots when they opened for blind pilot a few months ago. but that was enough to make me fall in love. and then of course i was a little upset w/ myself that i didn't show up earlier. ha oh well.


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