January Tunes

Here are just a few lovely songs/videos that have been helping me get through the January cold lately. Hope you find something in here to love!

Feist "The Bad in Each Other" from Metals - Feist's latest release has certainly delivered the same mournful melodies that I've come to love from this talented lady! "The Bad in Each Other" is a bit more upbeat and I love this live version from Jools Holland.

Wilco "The Good Part" from War on War B Side - I am quite the Wilco fan but there last few releases have been a bit disappointing to me. While recently scouring YouTube, I've come across a few B-sides and demos that have re-instilled my love for the Chicago-based band. "The Good Part" is the most catchy of the bunch and easily my favorite Wilco song of the moment.

Dan Mangan "Pine for the Cedars" from Nice, Nice, Very Nice - I've posted about Dan Mangan recently but had to share yet another one of my favorite tunes from this Canadian singer-songwriter. "Pine for the Cedars" is a simply beautiful song and I love the Mumford & Sons-esque build up he's got going on (sorry I am not better versed in musical terminology to more aptly describe the beautiful compositional elements of Mangan's and Mumford's music!).

Mumford & Sons "Ghosts That We Knew" - New Mumford & Sons! Need I say more?

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  1. I love all of these artists, but have not heard of Dan Mangan. Thanks for sharing, I'm always looking for more good music! and thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a comment - I'll be sure to follow along with your blog too!


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