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I came across some online holiday magazines the other day and Gifted Magazine, brought to us by the Creature Comforts blog, has completely stuck with me like no other. It's full of handmade and homemade ideas for celebrating, decorating, and gifting as well as articles on indie crafters, holiday dress, and contributors' Christmas memories. The content is innovative and inspired and the crafts, oh so easy - I can't decide which project to start first! Do yourself a favor and check this magazine out. If nothing else, it will lift your spirits by getting you in the swing of the holidays. At best, you'll come away inspired and full of holiday ideas! I'll be sure to post about all the craft projects I take away from this one!

Another great magazine from Inspire Co. - Amy Powers' Inspired Ideas online magazine's Christmas edition (to access the magazine, look for the icon on the top right side of her blog). Though this magazine is focused more solely on crafts, it is also chock-full of holiday inspiration. I've been looking for a unique homemade advent calendar idea and I think I have found the one in this issue made from a muffin tin! Soon as I get started I will surely post my process and outcome on this one!

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  1. These are great links and perfect for what I need for the holidays! We're on a tight budget this year, so I'm trying to do as much homemade stuff as possible. Thanks for posting!


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