An Ode to Succulents

I love succulents. I love their color palette. I love their shape. I love the way they look all alone or grouped together in a bouquet or pot, or even on the wall. And with my wedding coming up next spring, I'm thinking about how to incorporate my most favorite of plants into my reception design.

Here are a few photos of the succulents I've got growing in my front window right now. I usually have little patience for plants that don't have a place in my vegetable or herb garden, but I bought these succulents as a sort of practice run for what I hope will be my wedding centerpieces (because why waste fresh cut flowers that will be dead within a week when you can have beautiful potted plants that will look beautiful for years?). They're very low maintenance, just needing a little attention, some sunlight, and the occasional watering.

Succulent Love Design has done some absolutely gorgeous succulent designs for events of all kinds. From bouquets to centerpieces, to boutonnieres and favors, they have done it all. How original and beautiful would it be to walk down the aisle with this in your hands?

And then there are vertical succulent gardens. They're better than any sort of outdoor wall art I could come up with on my own and a great way to bring some color and life to your home. I aspire to have one of these in the future (most likely when my backyard is larger than 20 sq ft and doesn't back up to a dirty alley).

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