Peanut Butter Apple Oatmeal Crunch

Being on a low budget requires creativity when it comes to meals, especially for someone like me who craves fruits and vegetables at all meals and in between. Peanut butter has been a major staple in my breakfast routine lately and, along with my last Granny Smith apple, I created an interesting and delicious flavored oatmeal.

First I followed the directions to prepare plain oatmeal, being sure to add a dash of salt and a hint of cinnamon for flavoring. As soon as the oatmeal was done cooking, I added a tablespoon peanut butter and mixed it in. A little bit of honey (about 2 tsp) and half of a Granny Smith apple, chopped, was all I needed to sweeten out the dish. Just a small handful of store-bought granola made for a perfect crunchy topping.

A little bit of sweet, a touch of sour, and a variety of textures make this innovative breakfast irresistible. And for an even healthier alternative, wheat germ, milled flax seed, or a similar additive can easily be mixed into the oatmeal with the peanut butter for an extra nutritional kick.

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