Celebrating the Holidays 34th Street Style!

During the holiday season, 34th Street in the Hampden neighborhood in Baltimore is quite a sight to see! All the rowhomes on the 700 block of the street go all out with holiday decorations and people come from all over the greater Baltimore area to check it out. My mom, sister, and I decided to head over to 34th Street just a few days before Christmas this year.

Though the traffic was crazy, the rain poured down on us, there was no candy provided as my mother had promised, and the decorative spectacle not as lengthy as expected (it was quite a short block!), we still had a great time. Here are just a few shots from our adventure!

"Santa Define Naughty." Dog-lover that I am, I thought this one was pretty cute.  

A few of the houses donned spray-painted, recycled bicycle parts assembled in
the shape of snowmen and such.

I dug the Peace House scheme. 

Note the train suspended from the porch roof!

Under the shelter of a porch awning, I attempted to capture an entire side of the decorated 34th Street.

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