This was the first weekend yet that truly felt like spring to me. Sure, I had tons of homework on my plate and Easter obligations tied up some of my precious free time. But the sunny days and warmish temps were quite welcome, and I can't complain about having longer days and thus more hours of natural photo-taking light after work!

Since the office was closed on Good Friday, I took advantage of my extra time off to get some stuff done around the house. My mom lent me a hand with painting the bathroom, and on one of our trips to Home Depot, we came across an array of succulents that were too beautiful (and cheap!) to resist.

Planted in some bright terra cotta pots, these succulents are the perfect cat-safe way to fill up some empty space in our living room. I love the look of these plants with their cool blue and green hues and thick, milky leaves. It doesn't hurt that they are also unbelievably low-maintenance and that my cat Digby won't go near them.

I realized that I've become quite the garden geek as I've progressed into my mid-twenties. There's just something about the colorful blooms of spring, the anticipation of the backyard harvest, and the cheery look of a few well-placed house plants that lifts my mood immensely.

PS - Mike and I saw 21 Jump Street on Saturday and absolutely loved it! It's been quite some time since I laughed in a movie theater like that. Though I never watched the original show, I definitely would recommend the movie remake to anyone who considers themselves a fan of comedy or Jonah Hill!


  1. just a heads up succulents are toxic to cats... my cat leaves the succulents alone... have u ever had a money tree plant? it has a trunk that is intertwined and has long leaves.. its a houseplant..anyway, my cat got hold of a leaf and chewed it.. she got very nauseous..

  2. I've never had a money tree and, for now the cat seems pretty uninterested in the succulents so I'm not worried about them being poisonous - but thanks for letting me know!


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