The Sounds of February

I posted a random selection of songs that I was crazy about during the month of January, but I still had more songs to share, so here's my February collection of tunes and videos I currently dig.

J.D. McPherson "North Side Gal" - J.D. McPherson is one of the most unique modern artists, primarily because his sound is so reminiscent of early rock'n'roll with touches of doo wop. Though his musical aesthetic is definitely influenced by the likes of Buddy Holly, Elvis, and Chuck Berry, McPherson puts his own stamp on this tried and true musical sound that is sure to get your feet tapping.

Damien Rice "Wild and Free" (skip to about 1:45 to bypass Damien's guitar tuning and get to the music) - I was ecstatic to find some new (at least to me) Damien Rice songs. His music is reminiscent of, or maybe more accurately a precursor to, that of The Swell Season and Mumford & Sons. Though Rice has released a few excellent albums, it's been quite a while since I've heard anything new from him so the simple and gorgeous "Wild and Free" was quite a treat to find!

Damien Rice and Melanie Laurent "Everything You're Not Supposed to Be" from Laurent's album En T'Attendant - I adored Laurent when I first saw her opposite Ewan McGregor in last year's Beginners. And just like McGregor, Laurent has quite a set of pipes. Some of the songs off her 2011 debut album were produced by Damien Rice and he performed alongside Melanie on "Everything You're Not Supposed to Be." Though the sound is definitely a departure from the typical Rice tune, I really enjoy this lovely and refreshing duet. It makes me think of warm spring days and sunny skies which is always a nice treat around this time of year.

Ingrid Michaelson "Can't Help Falling in Love" - Since it's February, the month of Valentine's Day, I thought it'd be fitting to end this one with a love song. Though I had heard Ingrid Michaelson's version of "Can't Help Falling in Love" many years ago, it wasn't until I saw the trailer for Like Crazy that I really fell for this song. Come to find out, a lot of people are also crazy about this song as Ingrid's version is listed before Elvis' when YouTube suggests videos from the song title. I've long been a fan of Ingrid's vocals and I think this stripped down cover highlights her talent better than nearly any other songs of hers.

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  1. Lovely list! So fun to visit your blog again. Haven't been here in a looong time. Then I remembered when I visited my bloglovin' account. Hope you are well!


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