Anniversary Tunes

Today marks three years since Mike and I started dating! In just a few years, the two of us have traveled all over the country, moved in together, become husband and wife, adopted a kitten, adopted a puppy, embarked on new career ventures, and so much more. At times I can't believe that we've only been together for three years; at others I can't believe that these few years have passed so quickly.

Here are a few songs that we've grown to love together over the past few years and/or ones that I can't hear without thinking of my husband. It's quite an eclectic but nonetheless special mix. I hope you find something you like on this little video playlist. Enjoy!

The Proclaimers "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)"

Blind Pilot "3 Rounds and a Sound"

The Swell Season "In These Arms"

Rick Astley "Never Gonna Give Up"

Ryan Adams "Come Pick Me Up"

George Harrison "Here Comes the Sun"


  1. yay blind pilot! one of my favorite bands ever. congrats on your anniversary!

  2. today's my three months! haha. still, you and mike are such an inspiration. I'm so glad to have you in my life and so happy that you've found someone to spends yours with :)


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